Thursday, February 9, 2012

Paper Organization

If you are anything like Jordan and I, you have lots of loose papers that pile up on the counters, floors, or other places. I usually like to hide them places and then Jordan can't find what he needs. So this was an idea I came up with to create a better system for "hiding" or organizing our papers. We picked up a set of 5 magazine holders from IKEA in plain white for about 3 dollars (maybe even less than that). They are just white cardboard and pretty lame so I added some color and interest by cutting scrapbook paper to fit the spine. Use modge podge to apply the paper to the cardboard and then apply a coat on the top to protect the scrapook paper. We used five different colors/styles of paper so that we could identify what papers belong in which holder. We then placed them on a bookcase facing in so that the spine with the different scrapbook paper shows. You could cover the two sides as well, but we decided we just wanted the spines covered.

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  1. Thank you for this, I made my first one this afternoon: