Monday, February 9, 2015

Children's Advil

We were able to try a sample of Chilren's Advil sugar-free and dye-free in Berry flavor. My daughter would take the medicine. We were fighting fevers and had a hard time getting the temperature to come down. Once we used Children's Advil, the fever came down and my child was back up to playing within about 20 minutes. She also complained less about her "head hurting" and other aches in her legs after given the Advil. We love the Children's Advil brand products, but are so thrilled there is a product that doesn't have dyes and sugars that are unneccessary in a medicine! I hate giving Children's medicines with dyes and sugars because they are sticky and gross! Now I can feel better about giving a medicine to my child with the Children's advil without dyes and added sugars. My daughter never complained about the taste either like she has with other medicines we offered.

I would definitely recommend this to other parents - go try Children's Advil!