Monday, February 27, 2012

Nacho Cheese Sticks

Jordan and I love a new restaurant we found on the Oregon Coast called Roadhouse 101. It is a fun atmosphere with real good food in Lincoln City, OR! Jordan and I love the Oregon Coast and wish we lived closer to make some more frequent trips! The place has money on the ceiling, which totally bugged Jordan that people just put hundreds of dollars on the ceiling rather than doing something else with it! Here it is:

We tried an appetizer at the Roadhouse 101 we have never heard of called Nacho Cheese Sticks. We usually never get appertizers when we eat out because #1 we are cheap, and #2 we get too full and don't want our dinner. Basically, this appetizers was mozzarella sticks, but nacho style. It is cheddar cheese in the middle with a tortilla chip breading. Then you dipped them in salsa. They were good! A few weeks ago we tried to create our own version of the nacho sticks and based them off a basic Mozzarella stick recipe.

Here is our version:

Cheddar Cheese Sticks (instead of mozzarella) cut in half
Wet Mixture: 1 egg and a little bit of milk
Dry Mixture: 1/4 cup saltines and 1/2 cup tortilla chips crumbs (make the crumbs in food processor or blender) and add taco seasoning into the mixture
Note: The dry mixture is an estimate so use about half of the tortilla chips or a little more to the saltines ratio, the tortilla chips make it crispy and add to the "nachoness"
Oil for frying or baking

Dip the sticks of cheese in the wet mixture and then into the dry mixture. Repeat again, dipping again into the wet mixture and then in the dry mixture, for an extra crispy breading. Freeze for about an hour and then fry or bake. Use salsa for dipping! Good luck trying it out on your own!


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