Tuesday, January 26, 2010

places to go

I have a fascination with big cities. The buildings, the lighting, the colors, I love it all. Here are some places I really want to visit and am in love with...some I have never visited and places I'd love to go back to:

1. Seattle - I am in love with this city from the pictures I see, I love northwest cities
2. New York City - an obvious pick, so many cool pictures to take there
3. San Francisco - the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay, I don't need to say more
4. San Diego - cool zoo
5. Atlanta - I grew up there, it is a cool city and people are so nice
7. Las Vegas - I love the lights
8. Portland - One word, LOVE
9. Los Angeles -I would love to pollute my lungs with the fresh air
10. Miami - the beach and the bright colors everywhere
11. Dallas - my sister is moving there

Ok, and then international cities:

1. Paris - who wouldn't want to see the Eiffel tower in real life
2. Berlin - architecture is amazing
3. Mexico City - I was there for a short time, I need to see the rest of the city
4. Buenos Aires - so much culture
5. London - you can get around here speaking English
6. Madrid - don't you love the Spanish lisp

(Jordan is not involved in this and if he reads this, he will probably have heart problems due to stress since this is a long list of places I would love to go.)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bronze medal to silver metal

I am on a "remodeling binge" as Jordan has called it. One of our latest projects was redoing our living room fan. Unfortunately, I don't have the before picture. You will just have to take my word for it that the fan was dated, back to the 80's. So with a couple cans of spray paint and a perfectionist husband, we now have a really cool fan! I got started on the project, but then Jordan had to get involved when breaker boxes, wires, and screwdrivers got involved. Then he ended up helping with most of the painting. So I get credit for the idea and being crazy, he gets credit for making it happen. This was a fun project that makes our light fixture look great, but was super cheap! Check it out (not the best quality)...