Tuesday, January 26, 2010

places to go

I have a fascination with big cities. The buildings, the lighting, the colors, I love it all. Here are some places I really want to visit and am in love with...some I have never visited and places I'd love to go back to:

1. Seattle - I am in love with this city from the pictures I see, I love northwest cities
2. New York City - an obvious pick, so many cool pictures to take there
3. San Francisco - the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay, I don't need to say more
4. San Diego - cool zoo
5. Atlanta - I grew up there, it is a cool city and people are so nice
7. Las Vegas - I love the lights
8. Portland - One word, LOVE
9. Los Angeles -I would love to pollute my lungs with the fresh air
10. Miami - the beach and the bright colors everywhere
11. Dallas - my sister is moving there

Ok, and then international cities:

1. Paris - who wouldn't want to see the Eiffel tower in real life
2. Berlin - architecture is amazing
3. Mexico City - I was there for a short time, I need to see the rest of the city
4. Buenos Aires - so much culture
5. London - you can get around here speaking English
6. Madrid - don't you love the Spanish lisp

(Jordan is not involved in this and if he reads this, he will probably have heart problems due to stress since this is a long list of places I would love to go.)

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